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I started my career as a personal trainer back in 2009 after completing my degree in Human Movement and Health Studies (with a focus on exercise science) at the University of South Australia. Additionally, I also received a Certificate III and IV in Fitness from the Australian Institute of Fitness. 

Throughout my career I have completed further education and training to expand my skills and knowledge. I am currently registered with AUSactive as a Level 3 Registered Exercise Professional (highest level obtainable in Australia) and have certifications in the following:

  • Boxing and Kickboxing Certification

  • TRX Suspension Trainer Certification

  • Level 1 Kettlebell Certification

  • Linksworx Fitness - Plyometrics

  • Corrective Exercise Australia - Flexibility: Achieving Great Movement

  • Corrective Exercise Australia - Shoulder Function: From Rehab to Performance

  • Corrective Exercise Australia - Hip and Lower Limb Function: From Rehab to Performance

  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

  • FitKids Accreditation

  • Level 2 General Coaching Principles Accreditation

I currently specialise in functional strength training, sports specific conditioning, rehabilitation, postural correction, and martial arts training. I have a background of over 12 years experience in martial arts (mainly Taekwondo) where I competed at a state, national and international level. I was also an instructor and coach for junior athletes for several years. I’m currently a registered 3rd Dan Black Belt and my main achievements are listed below. 


  • Australian Taekwondo Team representative at the ICTO Championships, Vietnam (2011)

  • Australian Taekwondo Team representative at the British A-Class Open, Manchester (2010)

  • Australian Taekwondo Team representative and international gold medalist at the ICTO Championships, Malaysia (2009)

  • Australian Taekwondo Team representative at the Commonwealth Championships, Canada (2008)

  • South Australian State Taekwondo Champion and gold medalist (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

  • South Australian Championships award for best female fighter (2007)

  • Australian University Games gold medalist in Taekwondo (2006, 2008)


In recent years I’ve also developed a keen interest in cycling, and enjoy working with cyclists of all levels to improve their performance and rehabilitate injuries. I am a late comer to the sport of cycling, having just started racing at the age of 30 in early 2018 . However, coming from a background of elite sport, I progressed quickly and by 2019 I had won my first elite women's road race, and have gone on to race at a national level since then. 



As a personal trainer working in the health and fitness industry for over 14 years now, I understand that not everyone can afford weekly 1-on-1 training, which is why I now provide online training programs. 

This allows you access to an online customised training program designed by a personal trainer based on your goals, lifestyle, and equipment you have available (at home or gym, etc).

The program allows you access to a training app that includes all details of your workouts (including videos of all exercises) and access to me, your trainer, via instant messaging. 


What does it include?

  •  A 4-week personalised training program customised to your goals and needs.

  • Access to all workout content via the mobile app.

  • Access to chat with your trainer via the mobile app.

What happens after I purchase the program?

  1. You will receive a training agreement and consultation form to complete. This will give me an idea of your goals, any injuries/limitations, available equipment, and your overall experience with exercise. The more detail you provide me the more personalised your program becomes.

  2. I will design a training program that I believe will best suit your goals and needs. 

  3. Your program begins the Monday after purchase. 

  4. You will have unlimited contact with me via the workout app. If there is anything you don't like about your program, or feel is unsuitable, I will make changes for you. 

Training Programs

If you currently reside in Adelaide, South Australia,

I am also available for 1-on-1 personal training and group cycling classes.

If you require in person training, I currently work at a private studio located in Kent Town, SA. If you would like to book an appointment or want more information regarding my personal training services you can contact me at

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